Did Bush swing states like Missouri to the Democrats? Chuck Todd of the National Journal presents some evidence.  Billmon says, “I thought Shrub would end up about as popular as cholera. But I never thought he’d prove almost as lethal.”

Georgia10 at Daily Kos (Reader readers know her from the April 26 cover story) observes that the mainstream media echoed Republican talking points that the Democrats had no positive agenda — until it became clear that the Dems had won.  “Only now, after most races have been called and it’s clear that the Democrats will take power, only now do they report on that which they had suppressed throughout the campaign. Now we get articles detailing the Democrats’ tax plan.”

Will defeat make Republicans more libertarian? Indiana’s Mike Pence is running for Hastert’s job on a platform Libertarians like. (Note that in the Montana Senate race the Libertarian candidate’s vote total was triple the winning margin.)

If you don’t gag at the thought, Mental Floss has a collection of best and worst campaign videos.