• Andrew A. Nelles/Sun-Times Media
  • Robin D’Averso, a charter school teacher, carries her daughter Zahraa Raven, 4, during a rally in opposition to the plan to close public schools in Chicago.

A statistic that isn’t precise, that probably isn’t even a ballpark figure, but that someone thinks suggests the scope of a problem, may have a place in journalism. But that place isn’t on the front page of the Chicago Tribune supporting two days of editorials.

The problem is the state of public education in Chicago. The number is 19,000—which is supposedly the size of the waiting list to get into Chicago’s charter schools. WBEZ has spent days examining this number and reports Tuesday that it “significantly overstates demand.” I’ve looked at it too and applied what I’d like to think is common sense to the Tribune‘s claim. WBEZ is right.

The editorials ran on Sunday and Monday of last week. The Sunday editorial began at the top of page one under the headline “Ready for education reform.”