Um… that’s a hell of a lot of clip art.

I’m not saying it can’t work, but they’re putting an immense burden on their photo editors and illustrators. From the Crain’s article it’s hard to judge the product generally–the pages they show are pretty blah, but that’s because the F1 is about water bottles, and good luck with that. If it was about a very pretty person or something blowing up, it might look awesome.

If the Trib puts a lot of effort into the transparent, attractive visual display of quantitative information, it could be an appealing and engaging product, and certainly more commuter-friendly. If they make it look like USA Today only with cheap clip art instead of cheap illustrations, it’ll look less like RedEye and more like a corporate brochure. The New York Times has been a model of the former in recent years, especially its sports magazine, Play (more).