Talk to Action, a group blog that keeps a mainstream eye on wacko Christians, has a link-filled post on the latest chilling development: “Seven Virginia Episcopal churches, including two of the largest and wealthiest in the American Episcopal Communion in the American Episcopal Communion, voted to break away and, as a New York Times story written prior to the vote put it, ‘report to the powerful archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, an outspoken opponent of homosexuality who supports legislation in his country that would make it illegal for gay men and lesbians to form organizations, read gay literature or eat together in a restaurant.’

Akinola heads the largest Anglican province in the world, and the legislation he supports echoes Nazi efforts in 1933

In the Washington Post story on the Episcopalian split, the self-described Christian conservatives try to excuse Akinola’s homobigotry. In the AP story run by the Chicago Tribune one of them describes the change from being part of a denomination that ordains women and gays to one that seeks to imprison them:  “A burden is being lifted. There are new possibilities breaking through.”

Anyone else remember the good old days when leftists imagined that the third world would enlighten Americans?  Or when Christians expected foreign missions to bear good fruit?