Revolution Brewing

Back in September the New York Times embarrassed itself by running a “36 Hours in . . . ” travel piece on Chicago that was riddled with errors. The paper was forced to run the following correction:

The 36 Hours column on Page 10 this weekend, about Chicago, misstates the name of a well-known shopping district along Michigan Avenue. It is the Magnificent Mile, not the Miracle Mile. The column also misstates the distance from the “L” to Logan Square and to the popular Hyde Park neigborhood [sic]. Logan Square is about five to six miles, not two, and Hyde Park is about seven miles, not four. And the column describes the academic calendar of the University of Chicago incorrectly. The school is on a quarterly system, not semesters

And as Chicagoist gleefully pointed out at the time, there was another error they missed: “the article states that President Obama’s Chicago home is ‘nearly invisible behind Secret Service barricades,'” when the barricades are only a couple feet tall.

This Sunday’s New York Times ran a piece on Logan Square that was similarly mind-boggling, reporting that Longman & Eagle “is opening six hotel rooms” when the inn there opened in mid-December and that Revolution Brewing has “10 seasonal beers on tap” when there are 16, plus two casks. Most baffling of all is the item on Owen & Engine, which starts, “On a recent night Martial Noguier was seen at his three-month-old gastropub, planning his next restaurant gig.” Noguier, formerly of Cafe des Architectes and One SixtyBlue, may well be planning his next restaurant gig, but he had nothing to do with four-month-old Owen & Engine, which is owned by Bo and Arden Fowler and has Charles Burkhardt, formerly of MK, as its chef de cuisine.

Doesn’t the Gray Lady fact-check? The Times has since posted a correction of its claim about Noguier; the others remain unaddressed.