Gangs of the New Economy reports on a protest held in Bucktown today, sparked by the firings of scores of immigrant workers at Chicago-area Pizza Huts:

According to organizer Leone Jose Bicchieri, of the Chicago Workers Collaborative, the impetus for the firings were Social Security “No Match” letters sent to Pizza Hut franchisees requiring them to correct mismatched SSNs, and to update name, and address information for affected employees. Per the National Immigration Law Center, the only obligation of an employer upon receipt of an SSA “No Match” letter is to notify its employee for the purpose of obtaining the correct information. In this case, however, employees were released from their positions, many after decades of service.

Tori Marlan’s 2008 Reader story “Fire ‘Em All, Let God Sort ‘Em Out” gives an in-depth look at this phenomenon, which is caused in part by a change in Department of Homeland Security policy under the Bush administration–and in part by the Social Security Administration’s own faulty record keeping.