• Magik Markers

On Saturday night Ronny’s hosts a killer bill with two of the less hyped acts on Drag City Records. While I’d never say that the label has become more commercial during its august history, it’s definitely broadened its scope—and there aren’t many other imprints that release such a wide range of music while privileging no one type over another. The success of Joanna Newsom and Bonnie “Prince” Billy certainly helps Drag City put out records by Alasdair Roberts and Red Krayola—to say nothing of its stream of great reissues and the even more eccentric labels it distributes. Magik Markers and Sic Alps, who play on Saturday, are inheritors in a way of the legacy of the label’s early years, when it presciently charted the outer edges of what passed for indie rock at the time (Pavement, Royal Trux, Gastr del Sol, Smog). Neither band sounds much like any of those Drag City acts, but they’re both denizens of a bona fide underground—releasing loads of music in limited editions, either on tiny labels or by themselves, and more or less operating off the grid.