The long odds are getting longer for Tony Peraica.

His Democratic opponent for Cook County state’s attorney, prosecutor Anita Alvarez, will officially be endorsed by senator Dick Durbin Saturday morning in Pilsen, according to a statement from her campaign.

This isn’t a shocker or anything–Durbin’s a good Democrat who’s happy to put his name behind proven winners and up and coming stars, and after watching her beat several higher-profile candidates in the February primary, local pols have determined that Alvarez is both.

The endorsement is just the latest confirmation that electing Alvarez is a major priority for local Dems who don’t have to worry about many other top-ballot spots–Barack Obama will cruise in his home state and appears to be pulling away in many of the surrounding ones, nobody even knows Durbin has an opponent, and no other statewide offices are up for grabs.

Durbin’s endorsement statement also says a lot about how the party’s marketing Alvarez. “Much like Senator Obama, Anita’s story is one that could have only been made possible here in America,” Durbin says. “Born and raised in Chicago’s Pilsen community, Anita came from humble beginnings. She worked her way through college and law school and joined the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office 22 years ago…. If she is successful in November, Anita will make history as the first woman and the first Hispanic to serve as the Cook County’s State’s Attorney.”

Peraica, a Republican county commissioner, has been trying to convince voters he’s actually running against wildly unpopular county board president Todd Stroger. The Democrats would obviously rather see Peraica square off against Obama. It’s smart, even if it’s unnecessary.