Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the second presidential debate Credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/Getty Images

The Pew Research Center has put its finger on something that Clinton supporters and Trump supporters agree on. It isn’t that it’s high time for the Cubs to win a World Series.

Pew says its latest study shows that differences between the two groups of voters run so deep they “even extend to disputes over basic facts.” In other words, they don’t agree on reality.

But everyone knows this. Pews says 81 percent of the Americans it polled “say that most supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump not only disagree over plans and policies, but also disagree on ‘basic facts.’ . . .  
Ironically, this is a rare point of agreement among the supporters of Clinton and Trump. Comparably large shares of registered voters who back Clinton (80%) and Trump (81%) say the two sides are unable to agree on basic facts.”

So why do the two camps bother trying to talk to each other? Maybe they don’t. Instead of camps, maybe we should call them choirs. Each choir is working itself into a frenzy, but if it weren’t for the media siccing them on each other, maybe everyone would rather tune out and change the channel.

That’s where the Cubs come in.