Hey Tony Yayo, I know I’ve never said anything nice about you, but on the other hand I haven’t really said such bad stuff about you either. The jokes about you allegedly smacking up a 14-year-old kid were just jokes! And some other dude confessed to the smacking up and you’re filing to get the charges dismissed! We’re all good!

So tell the G-Unit rep at Glaceau to hook me up with one of those dope-ass Vitamin Water hats. Come on, dude. I drink enough Vitamin Water that I would say it’s unhealthy, except that stuff’s supposed to be good for you so I guess that doesn’t compute. And a lot of my intake is Formula 50, which I, unlike most human beings, do not think tastes like mutant chemical ass. I love that shit. Let me rep for you guys. I’ll ride with you, Tony Yayo. We will ride together, totally refreshed and hydrated and vitamin enriched as a motherfucker.