The Chicago News Cooperative’s Dan Mihalopoulos posted a story Tuesday that began this way:

For a $50,000 donation to Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel‘s inaugural committee, you can enjoy “co-chair” status and receive four tickets for a concert, a reception, a dinner and the inauguration itself next month.

The Tribune‘s Kristen Mack and Hal Dardick posted a story online Wednesday that began this way:

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is looking for private donors to bankroll his inauguration, offering potential donors yet another way to show their appreciation as he prepares to take office next month.

Individuals who give $50,000 can garner “co-chair” status on Emanuel’s inaugural committee, along with four VIP tickets to a reception, dinner and concert at Grant Park the Saturday before he takes office. The package also includes tickets to the May 16 inauguration.

The story by Mack and Dardick ran in Thursday’s Tribune, and was touted by a page-one box that said this:

Mayor-elect’s nonprofit organization solicits gifts of up to $50,000, which can get a supporter “co-chair” status and VIP tickets for the May 16 inauguration and the festivities leading up to it. PAGE 7

The Tribune might be missing a bet. It could keep this up, and try selling itself as the only daily in Chicago that can guarantee all front page stories are thoroughly pre-tested for newsworthiness.