Mick Dumke is now kind of internet famous in the wake of Mayor Daley offering to bust a cap in his ass in order to demonstrate the importance of taking guns off the streets.

But I think this takes the cake:

“You have to have confidence in the Supreme Court, Maybe they’ll see the light of day,” Daley said at a City Hall news conference. “Maybe one of them will have an incident and they’ll change their mind over night, going to and from work.”

Because our mayor speaks in vague circles, it’s hard to say what he meant by “incident” (get mugged? see a mugging? read an article about a mugging? who knows?). A colleague and I were discussing this, and to us it seems clear that Daley’s pretty pissed about the gun ban, because the good money is on it getting overturned, and that’s why he’s saying weird things. And I’m actually sympathetic to the mayor on this count—I don’t have a considered opinion on the gun ban, but I do think he earnestly believes it works and should be legal.

In third place is Jacqueline Heard: “the person asking the question was missing the point that unrestricted guns are a devastating issue.” No, no, no. The question was essentially whether a city gun ban does any good when guns aren’t banned almost everywhere else. Which is a good question, though I’m not sure there’s an easy answer.