Force the Zone by Cuntz

The last time Australian band Cuntz were in town was two years ago, and when I wrote about their shows that weekend I slightly complained about their silly name, but here we are in 2015, and that moniker is getting them into a much deeper trouble now: a promoter canceled their upcoming Seattle gig because he found it offensive. Maybe it is offensive, but not enough to bum out the people who run the Owl, because the noise-rockers are all set to play a free show at the after-hours spot tonight. Cuntz are touring the states on their brand-new LP Force the Zone (Homeless Records), a record which takes the tangled, knotty, complex noise-rock from their last LP and stretches it out into a concentrated mixture gross, sludgy grime. Cuntz is a loud and heavy blast onstage, so attendance to this show is highly recommended. Locals Wad and Heavy Times open the show and aren’t offended by the band’s name either. Check out “Nah Man” from Force the Zone below.