Unsurprisingly, people love Internet drama. That explains why Ben Joravsky’s attempt to learn Twitter/guerilla journalism prank/Eminem-style “fuck you” gesture was the most popular post this week.

People were talking about Jodi Kantor’s supposedly gossipy The Obamas this week, and so were we. Steve Bogira and Joravsky both provided their two cents, the former tying it in to Obama’s visit this week. Whom did he visit? Why, the wealthiest donors in town, of course! Speaking of Obama, his presumed rival Mitt Romney is dogged by his dog, as Sam Worley reminds us.

Michael Miner pontificated on feminism and provided a thorough, fascinating account of the ownership changes at the New Buffalo Times.

And Marshall Rosenthal, who created the Reader‘s “Hot Type” column passed away last week. Miner’s obit is here.