If you follow the Twitter accounts of the members of a certain clique of local DJs—the dance-friendly, hipster-friendly kind, many of whom appeared at the Claychella party that photographer Clayton Hauck threw at Lincoln Hall over the weekend—you’ve probably already heard that DJ Bald E had his laptop stolen from the event. Luckily for Bald E, also known to music scenesters as Metro talent buyer Chris Baronner, Lincoln Hall is well provisioned in the security-camera department, and yesterday the venue posted to its website a series of video stills showing two men in the backstage area who LH claims are responsible for the theft. Later the venue added a contribution from the nightlife photographer assigned to the Claychella beat, showing what appear to be the same two guys mugging for the camera. If this pair really is responsible for taking the laptop, either the theft was totally improvised at the last minute or these guys are on some Jason-Statham-movie level of criminal cockiness.

Anyone who can ID the white guy in the tie is encouraged to e-mail ThiefTips@lincolnhallchicago.com. Whoever provides the tip that leads to the laptop’s return will get a $100 gift certificate good for food, drinks, and shows at Schubas and Lincoln Hall.