The Poetry Foundations new quarters

The Poetry Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry in contemporary culture. Its new home is comprised of a building in dialogue with a garden space that is created by erosion of an implied volume as determined by the property boundary of the L-shaped site, resulting in a relationship whereby the building pushes into the garden and vice-versa. —Flyer from the Poetry Foundation, 61 W. Superior

The Fix

A building’s way harder than a poem
To make.
Once you start
You can’t just dump
The part that you got wrong.
Like words too soon in print,
Eyesores in glass and steel
Resist revision.

But this little burqa on Dearborn,
Part hamster cage
Part Zen palace wannabe,
I think could be tweaked,
The concrete weeded from its garden
The zinc mask lifted from its face,
Like overwrought metaphors that need to be
Erased to free up the real poetry.