• pork kebab,”middle eastern style”

“The spices come from Poland,” said the woman at the counter. “Why? Was it too much?”

I’m genetically predisposed to love the heavy, starchy, porky peasant food of eastern Europe, but let’s face it, Polish food isn’t exactly known for its doors-of-perception-blowing spice levels. No, I assured her the “European kebab” I lunched on last week, wasn’t too spicy, but it wasn’t exactly Polish either. The pork, shaved off the rotating spit onto a thick, toasty pita and topped with an abundance of crunchy vegetables, then drizzled with a garlicky mayo-yogurt sauce, was mighty tasty though, and awfully familiar. In the photo it’s obscured by the verdure, but it had the elusive juicy-tender and crispy-caramelized duality of a perfectly shaved shawerma, or doner kebab.