Back in September, 42nd Ward alderman Burton Natarus introduced a bill to City Council that would have effectively repealed Joe Moore’s foie gras ban. Cosponsored by Bernard Stone (50th), James Balcer (11th), and Brian Doherty (41st), it has languished in the council’s Health Committee (of which Moore is a member) ever since. Pro-foie activists such as Didier Durand, who actively campaigned for Moore’s opponent Don Gordon, hoped that a Moore defeat would shake things up. That didn’t look likely when Natarus lost outright in February, and things seemed even more complicated by Stone and Moore’s tight runoff races. Now that they’ve both survived, I checked in with Stone to see if Natarus’ bill has too.

“I’d still like to repeal it,” said Stone, meaning the ban. “Now that the elections are over I’m gonna talk to [committee chair] Ed Smith about calling it up.” At blogtime the Health Committee has not set a date for its next meeting, so stay tuned.