The New York Times ran a nice piece on Cubs über utility player Mark DeRosa the other day. Turns out that not only can the guy play second and third base and right and left field while batting .285 with 87 RBIs–three of them in the Cubs’ win over the Mets last night, which he left in the fifth with a calf strain. He also went to the Wharton Business School and was a starting quarterback at Ivy League Penn. Since last October he’s had another occupation: blogger. As you might expect from an “MLBlog,” it’s a little gee-whiz and PR-y, but his interviews with players like Ryan Dempster and fellow former college quarterback Jeff Samardzija are mildly amusing. More amusing, IMHO, is his MySpace page, run by his agency–not just anybody has Lou Piniella at the top of his friends list. (Though–jeez–Michael Barrett?)