An early sighting…

“Cue the lawyers.” News Bites, June 3

Two days ago it struck with a fury…

“Cue the screaming from the right!” June 15

“Now cue the fife and drum, raise the flag of the people and sound the charge against tyranny.” Toronto Star, june 15 

“So cue the Carole King and ponder this: Is friendship B.F.F. — best friends forever, the kind you count on one hand? ” New York Times, June 15

“Cue the video of Legacy putting Batista out and the return of Triple H.” Inside Pulse, June 15

“But wait, there’s more (cue the cheesy infomercial music)!”, June 15

“Cue the vampire sex.” Creative Loafing Atlanta, June 15

“Sound the horns. Cue the confetti.”  MarketWatch, June 16

“Cue the theme music: Dick Van Dyke is writing a memoir.” Associated Press, June 16

“Cue the Teutul family, who conveniently happen to have their own show on TLC, which airs Thursday nights.” June 16

“Cue the Natalie Cole music!”  June 16

“Cue the Phase 5 wingnut freakout.” Swing State Project June 16

“But never mind, cue the battle of the sexes hype.” Toronto Star June 16

“Cue the adrenaline and four of the seven words you can’t say on television.” Motor Cyclist, June 16

“So there’s Rob, dressed in his usual young, brooding actor outfits, wooing a young woman in the big city… cue the sighs of jealous women everywhere.” OK! Magazine, June 16

“Cue the giant smacking sound of Oregonian columnist John Canzano’s lips on Paulson Jr.’s posterior.” June 16

“Obama Nails a Pest: Cue the Karate Kid jokes.” New York Times, June 17

“In the meantime, cue the Barenaked Ladies to bring us a statement of now literal truth.”, June 17

“Cue the BRIC, whose economies control 15 per cent of the global economy, 13 per cent of the global trade volume and US$2.43 trillion (RM8.5 trillion) or 41 per cent of the world’s foreign exchange reserves.” The Malaysian Insider, June 17

Meanwhile, scientists ponder the mysterious Hangover hot spot…

“Next morning in their $4,200-a-night Caesars Palace villa (cue my raging class issues!) they wake up to a staggering mess.”  Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Cue the gut-busting laughter from the audience and a glimpse of the abyss by me.” Dorothy Woodend, TheTyree/ca 

“Take four grown men, send them to Vegas for a stag night, cue the tiger, the baby, and Mike Tyson, and let the bad taste good times roll.” Kate Rodger,

“It’s not that the groom, Doug (played by Justin Bartha), has changed his mind; it’s just that his three friends can’t find him, and they don’t remember what happened. Cue the opening credits.” Cocaboo,

“Cue the morning after the night before.”