• Derek Wood
  • Paul Octavious is somewhere taking photos right now.

I’m excited to announce that the Reader is teaming up with the talented local photographer/designer Paul Octavious for our Best of Chicago issue. You may be familiar with Octavious’s ongoing Same Hill, Different Day series in which he photographs the same hill in Lincoln Park over and over with gorgeous results. Or maybe you’re one of his 91,000-plus Instagram followers. If you’re not familiar with his work, check out the creative things he does with books or smoke bombs or clouds; it’s simply amazing.

Octavious will share his favorite Best of Chicago Instagram photos on the Bleader over the next few weeks. The photos he selects could win the photo taker passes to Pitchfork, and the picture may be featured in print. To submit a photo, simply tag it with @chicago_reader and #bestofchi. And don’t forget to vote!