• Leonard Cohen

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

Leonard Cohen performs at the Akoo Theater in Rosemont, marking his first appearance in Chicagoland since 2009, when he performed at the Chicago Theatre, where “he stalked the stage like a man one-fourth his age, and his Jehovah-like baritone was shockingly undiminished by time—as was his ability to seduce several thousand listeners at a go,” according to Miles Raymer.

Loom, a Nothing Without a Company production and the latest work by playwright Ike Holter, is in the middle of its run at Timber Lanes. If you ask Tony Adler, “The narrative is a flimsy goof. Yet Holter makes it funny and not a little bit compelling. I laughed, I was appropriately creeped out. So, yes, it’s confirmed: Holter’s got talent.”

The Pilsen gallery Queer Thoughts hosts “Homosapien 2,” a solo exhibition featuring work by experimental photographer Pia Howell.

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