• Justice

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

The Chicago History Museum claims the Second City to be one of America’s most haunted places. They explain how with the spoken-word event “Tomb Talks and Ghost Stories,” which takes place on the grounds of Chicago’s original cemetery.

At the Congress Theater, French EDM duo Justice perform in support of last year’s Audio, Video, Disco, an album Miles Raymer claims is underrated: “By dialing up the influence of European proto-prog and Krautrock while keeping the heavy-metal disco-pop appeal of ‘Cross’ intact, they ended up producing one of 2011’s most satisfying albums, as well one of its most tragically overlooked.”

The Lincoln Lodge, one of the city’s most respected stand-up venues (it also happens to be in the back of a pancake house), hosts “Eat This! Stories for the Love of Food,” a monologue show featuring the likes of Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s and Victoria Wiedel, food critic for Center Square Journal.

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