If you want to follow the Profiles Theatre story and all its developments from the very beginning, here, in chronological order, are all the stories and blog posts the Reader has run since June 8, when the original investigation was posted on our website: 

“At Profiles Theatre, the drama—and abuse—is real”

On the cover: An investigation into abuse at Chicago’s acclaimed Profiles Theatre

“A critic’s mea culpa, or How Chicago theater critics failed the women of Profiles Theatre”

“Jeff Awards committee, Steppenwolf, and others condemn abuse alleged in Reader investigation of Profiles Theatre (Updated)”

“Actors hand out copies of the Reader in front of Profiles Theatre”

“Playwright withdraws script rights from Profiles Theatre in the wake of the Reader’s abuse investigation”

“‘Unfortunately, I am the villain’: Profiles Theatre artistic director Darrell W. Cox responds to Reader abuse investigation”

“‘The statement is a study in crisis management’: Not in Our House leaders decline to meet with Darrell Cox without an apology”

“Profiles Theatre closes less than a week after Reader abuse exposé”

“Profiles Theatre actor: ‘I got $75 a week to get the shit beat out of me'”

“Profiles Theatre belatedly acknowledges use of pseudonyms after Reader investigation”

“Bitter Lemons editor blames Profiles Theatre victims, loses job”

Pride Films and Plays takes over former Profiles Theatre space