So Hillary won big in West Virginia, which changes . . . nothing. Josh Marshall has a good explanation of why she runs so strong in Appalachia. Last night’s big election news was in Mississippi, where the outstandingly mustachioed Democrat Travis Childers won a special House election in a staunchly Republican district despite the National Republican Congressional Committee’s expensive attempt to tie him to Obama and Jeremiah Wright. Childers’s district is the third to flip Democrat in a special election this go-round, the first being Bill Foster‘s victory in IL-14.

Fun cultural note: his opponent, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis, was the victim of an apparently false mailer attack that accused him of offering to accept a statue of KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest from Memphis. Davis said he’d never do such a thing–he only wanted to accept the city’s statue of Confederacy president and treason-in-defense-of-slavery hero Jefferson Davis.