Ashtray Boy is coming back! They’ve announced a July 11 date at the Empty Bottle, as well as performances on WNUR and WHPK, July 14 and 20 respectively. This venerable indie-pop outfit set a new and confusing standard for global citizenship in the 90s, managing to be a Sydney-based band and a Chicago-based one at the same time. Dozens of Chicago musicians took a turn through the door (including Liz Phair, Mike Hagler, Dave Trumfio, Andy Creighton, Mark Greenberg, Geoff Greenberg, Reader contributor J. Niimi–here’s his Australian tour diary from winter 1996–and Carla Bruce, who married the central Ashtray Boy himself, Randall Lee, and wound up being Carla Bruce-Lee, and yes, she’s heard all the jokes.) Aptly, lineups will vary throughout the tour, but Chicago will represent significantly better than “and some friend of a friend who says he can play will grace the stage in Vancouver,” to quote Randall’s press release.