• Michael Gebert/Sky Full of Bacon

Listening to pepper-haired, sturdily built Ramon Delgado sketch out plans for his month-old Cuban restaurant La Bombonera, it’s hard to imagine he ever retired from its previous incarnation on Milwaukee Avenue. A few years puttering in Orlando must have dragged like a stretch in stir.

“I’m going to move the oven over there, so everyone can see it,” he says, pointing to a gleaming stainless steel rotisserie oven that looks like it’s about to teleport a row of chickens. “Then I’m going to make this area cafeteria style, put in granite counters so you can sit at the counter and see the food being made. The back is going to be a party room, no liquor license, I want to stay clear of liquor, I’m not a party guy, but if you have a group of eight or ten people, it’s nicer for you. And maybe not this year but next year, we could make it into an outdoor cafe. And the tin ceiling, I’m going to have that painted like copper….”