This past spring Andrew Fenchel, the main man behind the invaluable experimental music presenter Lampo, announced that his little operation would be shutting down and returning in a new location this fall. For the eight years Lampo had presented concerts at 6Odum, on Chicago Avenue in Ukrainian Village, but sharing space with a recording studio (Semaphore) created increasing logistical problems. He asked supporters to contribute money for the upcoming move and an upgraded sound system. 

Now, finally, with just a few weeks left before winter, Lampo has returned. Earlier today Fenchel announced the new location—216 W. Chicago, on the second floor. The excellent German sound artist and producer Marcus Schmickler (pictured) will be the first to perform there, on Saturday December 15. A full schedule of events for this winter will be announced later.

Today’s playlist:

John Fogerty, Revival (Fantasy)
Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink, s/t (Unheard Music Series/FMP)
Bill Evans Trio, Explorations (Riverside)
James Carney, Green-Wood (Songlines)
Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco, Cecila & Johnny (Vaya/Fania)