Ozzie Guillen, back in the day.

I miss Ozzie Guillen.

Not that Robin Ventura hasn’t been the perfect tonic for the White Sox this season, but Ozzie was a joy to listen to. He was always honest—or at least said what he honestly thought at the moment—and ever entertaining.

I can remember him holding forth before one of the World Series games in 2005, and then ambling off to the field, at which point some national sportswriter shook his head in disbelief and said, “Is he always like that?”

“Every day,” we replied.

He returns with his new Miami Marlins Tuesday to play the Cubs on the wrong side of town. I can only wonder if he’ll refer again to the rats at Wrigley Field and what a pit it is—especially for visiting teams in the cramped locker room packed high up under the first-base grandstand.