Recently a friend in the publishing industry was discussing books with me. I told him I was going to send him a proposal for a book that was just HISTORY IS A WHEEL printed on a hardback cover with no pages or spine. Rich Miller:

Lots of people are having trouble getting their heads around the fact that Republican state Sen. Bill Brady may well be our next governor. This is, after all, a Democratic state.

But it’s way past time to consider Brady a very real, even likely probability.

I’m not sure why this would be at all surprising. Since 1941, Illinois has had six Republican governors and five Democratic governors, and one of those Dems was a brief appointment (Samuel Shapiro, who governed for less than a year after taking Otto Kerner’s place). And, lest we forget, the only Democratic governor since the 70s was aided by calls for… um… reform. Here’s how the Sun-Times endorsed Blago back in 2002*: