Proudly “unembedded” in Iraq, former oil rig diver Mark Manning says he was the only Western journalist living among civilians in in Fallujah in early 2005, soon after Operation Phantom Fury leveled 20% of the city and by some reports left 6,000 civilians dead and 200,000 internally displaced.

Manning’s documentary The Road to Fallujah looks for lessons in the buildup to the battle, the ongoing fallout from the U.S. military’s use of white phosphorus, and what could have been done to prevent the city becoming an insurgent stronghold in the first place (like maintaining water and electric services).

The Road to Fallujah screens for free Tuesday 1/18 at DePaul University, John T. Richardson Library, 2350 N. Kenmore Ave., Room SAC 154. Reception at 6 p.m., screening at 6:30 p.m.

It’s presented by the Peace on Earth Film Festival, which opens 2/25 at the Chicago Cultural Center, and the DePaul Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies program.