Mayor Bradley Stephens in 2007
  • Dom Najolia/Sun-Times
  • Mayor Bradley Stephens in 2007

Well, now that he’s mentioned it—as he did in yesterday’s speech to the City Club of Chicago—I think Tom Ricketts should make good on his threat to move the Cubs out of town.

Presumably to Rosemont, whose mayor, Bradley Stephens, seems eager to throw taxpayer money the Cubs’ way.

It’s clear the Cubs, like all of our teams, have worn out their usefulness to Chicago.

As a lifelong lover of all things sports, I don’t take this position lightly. When I was a kid I loved them all—baseball, basketball, football, hockey, pro wrestling, and roller derby.

As a matter of fact, I recently acquired a brand-new, red-and-white Bulls basketball cap—just in time for the playoff run!

Which means I’m now paying to promote Jerry Reinsdorf’s product instead of the other way around. Think of it as my pathetic cry for help.