• Todd Diederich
  • Ultrademon

Since you are currently on the Internet you have most likely already heard about Rihanna’s performance on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live and how the entire aesthetic of the green-screen imagery she performed in front of seems to have been lifted wholesale from the tiny but Tumblr-famous underground music scene called seapunk. (And actually the seapunk thing may have come via rapper Azealia Banks, who’s been ripping off seapunk imagery for a minute now.) The seapunks, as you can imagine, are not thrilled. So far the cleverest and most effective response is the remix of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” that seapunk artist Albert “Ultrademon” Redwine released on Tuesday. Last night seapunk-affiliated DJ, artist, and budding record mogul Zain Curtis (better known online as Teen Witch) completed the turnabout by posting a video for Redwine’s remix that replaced Rihanna’s seapunk green-screen graphics with a field of nearly featureless turquoise, a subtle and potent zing.

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