Awhile back I pointed out that Rod Blagojevich’s hair looked like something I termed “SEC Quarterback Shag” on the advice of a friend who lives in Alabama. It turns out this is a real thing, or at least close enough to real that it appears on Urban Dictionary: ‘Bama Bangs.

I was made aware of that term by a friend who is in that state on business periodically. She writes:

“I was reading your blog posting about Blagojevich’s SEC quarterback shag hair style and NEVER have I so wished that my copy of [redacted’s] employee directory had head shots. If it did, I would fax it to you immediately. It’s not just a quarterback shag…. that hairdo is endemic in Tuscaloosa and from what I’ve seen, in most of Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle.

“A couple of summers ago when I was in Tuscaloosa with [redacted], she and I were talking about how we just wanted to buy every man under 30 a headband because their bangs were infuriating. But there is something weird going on in that part of the country. Young, upwardly mobile Southern men sport the front-heavy bang look while the NASCAR crowd still is decidedly mullet adorned. Big hair is not just a Southern woman’s head crown….”

How Blago ended up with this cut is still a mystery.