• Judge Lefkow

Federal court, January 21

Judge Joan Lefkow: Good afternoon, Mr. Burge, counsel. Mr. Burge, I typically have the defendant stand in front of me, but if you don’t feel up to it, you can stay where you are.

Jon Burge: At the podium, your honor?

Lefkow: Yes. Because I think it is important that I speak to you, not to other people.

Burge: Yes, your honor.

Lefkow: But if at any time you feel you want to sit down, feel free.

You’re here today — I’m going to do what some of the witnesses did, I’m pretty much going to read what I have to say because it is somewhat more lengthy than I usually give in sentencings, and I want my reasons to be clear.

You’re here today having been convicted by a jury of two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury in connection with making false statements in a lawsuit, in interrogatories served on you in a lawsuit filed against you in this court. That lawsuit made allegations that individuals under your supervision or command had tortured the plaintiff to confess into confessing a crime he claims he did not commit.