Be wary of bands being compared to Thee Oh Sees and the Black Lips. That bandwagon is too damn crowded as it is, so much so that even John Dwyer’s trademark yips and yelps are getting watered down due to too many front men copping his style. And though the Shivas do roll with a treble-loaded, psych-surf sound that so many other nameless bands are attempting to replicate, the Portland-based band sets itself apart on today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Manson Girls,” through its ability to hammer out party-starting, tinny guitar licks and layer on sassy soul in the fuzzed-out vocals. Taken from the upcoming full-length You Know What to Do—out 10/28 via K Records, with the cassette on Burger, natch—the track is a flat-out good time and a good reason to break a sweat. Bonus: The Shivas headline an all-ages show at Subterranean on Mon 10/20.