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Christopher Hitchens: straight class.

Sen. Obama is a congregant of a church in Chicago called Trinity United Church of Christ. I recommend that you take a brisk tour of its Web site.

Let’s, then.

Run by the sort of character that the press often guardedly describes as “flamboyant”

Dunno about “often.” The only reference I could find to Rev. Wright as “flamboyant” was here, though I haven’t run it through Lexis/Nexis. I couldn’t find anything in the Tribune or Sun-Times archives.

a man calling himself the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

I think the reason he calls himself “the Rev. Dr.” is that he has a doctorate from United Theological Seminary, not to mention master’s degrees from Howard and the University of Chicago. Presumably he also bothered to get ordained. I’ll also assume that his father is “Jeremiah A. Wright Sr.,” but anything’s possible, I guess.

this bizarre outfit describes itself as “Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian” and speaks of “a chosen people” whose nature we are allowed to assume is “Afrocentric.” Trinity United sells creationist books

The only “creationist” book I could find among the hundreds in TUCC’s online bookstore is the children’s book God Created. “Brisk tour” my ass.

and its home page includes a graphic link to a thing called Goodsearch—the name is surmounted with a halo in its logo—which announces cheerily that “Every time you search or shop online! Our Church earns money.”

If you really hate the church that much, you can also use Goodsearch to give money to the Humane Society of Greater Akron, Capri Elementary School, or one of 51,463 other charities.

nobody who wants to be taken seriously can possibly be associated with such a substandard and shade-oriented place.

I don’t think anybody who wants to be taken seriously could possibly be that sloppy, but I guess Hitchens and I believe in different things.

For a non-douchebaggy take on TUCC, check out the opinion of an actual expert, the University of Chicago’s Martin Marty. It’s also worth noting, I think, that TUCC is admirably tolerant–Donald Young, the church’s late choir director who was shot and killed late last year, was openly gay (not something that I recall reading in the Tribune or Sun-Times articles, oddly enough).