Can Pennsylvania just go and have their damn primary already? It seems like Obama has been screwing up his fake sports and meal ordering for months now. His advisers should lock him in a hotel room so he doesn’t pick up the wrong fork and torpedo his campaign.

[David] SHUSTER: Well, here’s the other thing that we saw on the tape, Chris, is that, when Obama went in, he was offered coffee, and he said, “I’ll have orange juice.”

[Chris] MATTHEWS: No.

SHUSTER: He did.

And it’s just one of those sort of weird things. You know, when the owner of the diner says, “Here, have some coffee,” you say, “Yes, thank you,” and, “Oh, can I also please have some orange juice, in addition to this?” You don’t just say, “No, I’ll take orange juice,” and then turn away and start shaking hands. That’s what happens [unintelligible] —

MATTHEWS: You don’t ask for a substitute on the menu.

SHUSTER: Exactly.

MATTHEWS: David, what a regular guy. You could do this. Anyway, thank you, David Shuster. I mean, go to the diners.

Related question: Presidential candidates are expected, at least by crazy yet powerful journalists, to be shining perfect combinations of inspiring statesmen and gracious Average Joes, and any deviation is considered to be an offense against American culture. Mayors of big cities, alternately, can be total maniacs and that’s totally cool. Richard Daley, if he ran for president, would be considered some unholy blend of Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich (himself a former big-city mayor), and Alan Keyes. And he’s less weird, publicly awkward, and totalitarian than Rudy Giuliani.

I know, machines, single-party rule, etc. Still, it’s a little weird, I’m just saying is all.