Geraldine Ferraro is in hot water for saying Obama would be screwed if he was a white guy. I wish there was some way of knowing whether she’s right . . . let’s try a thought experiment.

Let’s see, Obama is a young, handsome, brilliant, progressive lawyer and senator from a modest background. Has there been anyone like that recently?

Oh, right, that Edwards guy. I remember him. Did pretty well back in 2004.

Now, let’s just hypothesize, for the sake of argument, that Edwards was one of the great political speakers and rhetoriticians of the 21st century. And let’s say his rhetoric was, um, a little less crushingly depressing. And we’ll give him a better resume–I love me some John Edwards, but “law professor and community organizer” plays a bit better than “wealthy trial lawyer.”

Finally, let’s make him anti-war from the get-go, running against one of the most polarizing and pro-war figures in the Democratic party when the war is really unpopular instead of a decorated veteran when the war was still reasonably popular.

Yeah, I think Obama would probably do pretty well even if he was white.