On the Trib home page right now:

Obama ad cites bill he did not vote on

Oh no! How dare… oh.

While the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee authored provisions that ultimately made it into the law, he did not vote for its passage on Jan. 22, when he was busy campaigning in advance of the South Carolina primary.”

There’s more to passing legislation than voting on it, but why wouldn’t he make sure… oh.

The bill, H.R. 4986, was easily passed without either man’s vote.”

It’s cute when you blog, but if you want to ding Obama, here are some posts (written by liberals!) that you should read first.

Obama being silent on FISA? Kind of a big deal. Kinda wish he’d step it up. Kinda think that’s more important than the definition of “worked to pass.”

Also: This post on Obama’s alleged breaking of a promise to accept public financing is just bizarre. I mean his ultimate decision’s maybe not the purest thing in the world, but surely Frank James is aware that John McCain, whose decision to accept public financing allegedly triggers Obama’s promise, used theoretical public funding as collateral on a loan and then tried to back out of it.

In other words, his campaign tried to play it so that if McCain’s primary campaign failed, they could use public funding to pay off his debts, but if it succeeded and he raised lots of money, they could back out of the need to take public money. Ezra Klein calls it “a legal masterpiece, albeit an ethical travesty.” (The L.A. Times was clever enough to mention this.) Whether or not McCain’s decision to accept public financing is directly related to being unable to get out of his legal thicket is unclear (the FEC hasn’t ruled because they don’t have a quorum, long story), as is more abstractly whether Obama is being a dick about his promise. But I do know that McCain probably deserves to have a Coke and a smile and shut the f**k up about it.