Cat Ring, Connie Oshana, Katie Tyner, and Yasmine Baharloo Credit: Courtesy the Artist

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If today’s woman were lost in space, would she care more about having enough food to survive or having enough laptop battery to finish Parks and Recreation on Netflix? How should you deal with a sexual attraction to Bigfoot? And why do guys dressed as Waldo from Where’s Waldo? think it’s OK to be a total creep to women at Halloween parties? The sketch show I Think, Therefore I’m Sorry searches for the answers to these pressing questions.

Cat Ring, Connie Oshana, Katie Tyner, and Yasmine Baharloo make up the cast of the female-centric revue, currently playing at the newly opened Crowd Theater. The theater’s sense of humor extends to its Yelp reviews, which claim the storefront venue has the best hot wings in town (it doesn’t actually serve any food).

That playful attitude carries over to the stage in I Think, Therefore I’m Sorry, which opens with a rap about “fuckboys” throughout the ages. The quartet continues with a string of sketches that range from completely ridiculous to painfully realistic; a scene portraying a phone call between an overbearing mother and her daughter, in which the former wants the latter to be insanely successful while living at home, made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Plus, the title shrewdly alludes to an attitude that’s all too common among women these days.

The show demonstrates the high level of talent in small theaters across the city right now. Ring, Oshana, Tyner, and Baharloo exhibit range, great character work, and exceptional comedic timing, all without taking themselves, or the plight of the modern woman, too seriously.

I Think, Therefore I’m Sorry Through 2/25: Thu 8 PM, Crowd Theater, 3935 N. Broadway,, $5.