Like Christmas, Year End List Season now extends far beyond the actual end of the year. I think Brooklyn Vegan started it this year with a “best album of the year-so-far” post on goddamn September 26. But music writers love lists — they’re easy, and satisfy our obsessive-compulsive personalities. So yeah, I’m already working out my own list right now, and one record I keep catching myself thinking about is the Kill Rock Stars compilation The Sound the Hare Heard, mostly thinking what a shame it is that it probably won’t make very many year end lists. No one seemed to really care that it came out, or really even noticed, which is weird because a lot of people really like being mellow and listening to girls play guitars — two of the things the comp excels at.

So on the bad end of the spectrum there are a lot of people who are missing their chance to connect with a record that they would really love, and Kill Rock Stars has yet another “excruciatingly near-perfect compilation that no one cares about” to keep Rock Stars Kill and A Slice of Lemon company. On the happy end, I can get away with putting at least two tracks from the comp on mix CDs without the receiving party knowing, usually Aliccia BB’s solo-Lennon-style “Best Friend Forever” and the latest best Jeff Hanson song ever, “Daylight.”