Over the past few days, dancehall singer Sugar Minott, former Fugs member Tuli Kupferberg, and American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar have all died, which is starting to make it look like the universe has it in for eccentric artists adored by cultish fans. But the passing that’s making the most noise online today is the death of the marriage between R & B genius The-Dream and singer Christina Milian.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that a previously divorced dude who just released a masterpiece R & B album anchored by an addictive song about his habit of getting a little frisky with the ladies after too much Patron wasn’t able to sustain a long-term relationship. Nonetheless there’s still a lot of mourning going on out there. A post on the Village Voice‘s Sound of the City blog entitled “Saying Goodbye to The-Dream and Christina Milian’s Love, via Twitter” is a sort of gallery of the ways Twitterers are grieving the split. These range from misty-eyed remembrance to generalized despair over the nature of romance to fervent hope that Milian’s lawyers will lay some pain on The-Dream’s “hamburglar lookin ass.”