“As of today, though, Chicago is a better place. The Burge stain has started to fade.”

John Conroy, 2010: “The prosecution came 37 years after Burge first used electric shock to interrogate Anthony Holmes and decades after county prosecutors had evidence that serious crimes had been and were being committed by Burge and detectives under his command.”

John Conroy, 2003:

Richard Daley stepped down as state’s attorney after he was elected mayor in 1989. Daley’s office had been told on numerous occasions that Burge and some of the detectives under his command were torturing suspects. It had been put on notice by the Wilson case, by defense attorney Earl Washington’s public claims about the use of the “black box,” by repeated testimony linking a small number of detectives with unusual methods (a pattern likely to have revealed itself to assistant state’s attorneys who handled or supervised numerous cases), by Judge Gembala (who had ordered the inquiry in response to Patterson’s outcry), and by the Illinois Supreme Court’s assessment of the evidence in Wilson. None of this prompted an investigation.”