Quiet . . . quiet . . . SCREAM!
  • Domenic Gareri/ Shutterstock.com
  • Quiet . . . quiet . . . SCREAM!

When Tiger Woods began his backswing on the 15th tee, the crowd was, of course, hushed. It was the third round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Saturday at the Bay Hill Club in Orlando. Woods had a three-stroke lead, and appeared to be cruising to his first championship since 2009.

But when Tiger reached the top of his backswing, a woman screamed. (True, her son had fainted—but couldn’t she have held off a half second?) Tiger chopped downward, took a hacker’s divot, and yanked the ball out of bounds. He double-bogeyed the par-four hole, his first double bogey this year in 248 holes. (He now has one more double bogey this year than most Chicago golfers.)