• A still from Frank

About this time last year Frank, an Irish comedy about a band whose mentally unstable front man wears an oval mask that covers his entire head, started getting a lot of buzz at Sundance. I half-interestedly kept my eye out for Frank, partially because I wanted to see if Michael Fassbender could bring warmth and humanity to the title character—a role that required him to conceal his face for most of the film—and because the musical aspect intrigued me. So when Netflix started streaming Frank late last week I made sure to watch it as soon as possible.

As J.R. Jones put it, the creators “couldn’t be more determined in their courtship of cult status,” though they do so without bogging down the story. Despite the peculiar cast of characters who fill the movie, the music by Frank’s band, the Soronprfbs, is not that odd. I expected the fake group to sound really bizarre—for one thing, the members’ references to the public’s distaste for their music suggested it could be really out there. But I still took to much of what I heard even though the Soronprfbs music isn’t exceedingly strange—that is with the exception of a short, jarring ditty that Frank calls “his most likable song ever.”

My favorite of the songs and half-realized musical ideas from Frank is “I Love You All,” a moody indie-pop number propelled by mellow Krautrock bass and a lovely, haunting, and simple chorus. “I Love You All” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track; if you’re like me, you’ll play it at least once a day every day for the foreseeable future.