The Stroger family has a way with words:

Donna Dunnings blamed a “structural deficit” in the budget where revenues can’t keep pace with expenses.

“In fact, that structural deficit is living and breathing, and the sales tax is by no means the answer to that,” Dunnings said in response to a question at a City Club of Chicago luncheon. “So, we have to look at other revenues, as well as cost containment.”

I was an English major, so I don’t know what a living, breathing structural deficit is. Sounds pretty bad! Maybe data input is the problem. Besides, she needs her raise because she has all that college debt to pay off:

Dunnings told CBS 2 she works hard and is better qualified than her predecessor, Tom Glazer.

“I have a master’s degree from Northwestern University,” Dunnings said. “I think Mr. Glazer went to the University of Illinois at Chicago.”

At UIC they only train you on dead structural-deficit corpses. Kellogg grads learn “cost containment” to trap feral structural deficits.