Weird. Three observations:

* You know, if I was very-high-profie-hire Rick Telander, I’d also be pissed that Jay Mariotti is on the S-T homepage constantly and I wasn’t. Just Saying.

*  Maybe I’m a n00b but I don’t get why dudes can’t hash this out in their own paper. It’s always interesting, sometimes it’s mightily deserved (like when Paul Krugman went after David Brooks about Ronald Reagan as best he could under the Rules), and with some editorial intervention to keep it from just turning into a fight we could all learn something about journalism. I know it’s a rule about dignity or preventing the paper from turning into an incestuous debate league, but it seems too hard and fast. It could be a Web Exclusive debate or something; instead, the Trib gets another news story and Telander has to seethe quietly.

* The Sox are in first place after winning seven straight. Just to put things in some perspective.