Every editorial is a nose thrust into the people’s business by somebody nobody elected, so it’s surprising to read an editorial that disparages someone else’s nose on the same basis.

Nevertheless, the Sun-Times, in a weekend editorial championing the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, had this to say: “The rumor mill rumbled all Friday that Friends of the Parks, a small group of lakefront protectionists elected by nobody, might be willing to drop their opposition to building the museum on Chicago’s lakefront.” 

If the Sun-Times believes that small groups of private citizens united by common interests don’t deserve access to our courts, the paper should say so. If it believes our elected officials are doing such a crackerjack job of representing our interests that small groups of private citizens should shut up and get out of their way, it should say so.

Otherwise, I suggest a Post-it note over the copy desk reminding itself to keep this ancient, empty, and silly whine out of the newspaper.