I have to admit, ashamedly, that I wasn’t expecting much when I checked out the blog of the Sun-Times‘s real estate and “home life” editor. Real estate and home sections are notoriously spotty–over at the Tribune‘s Home Life section, the amount of offal on tap is mind-bending: “Colors, shapes, patterns fuel animal skin rug trend,” “See-through furniture is clearly a cool trend,” and, poetic in its banality, “A pivotal moment for the swivel chair.” This is why I tend to forget these sections exist.

But Sally Duros of the Sun-Times does not screw around. Her blog has recently focused on the subprime lending collapse, raising hard questions like Is homeownership for everyone?; older posts mine useful numbers like “Chicago families with moderate incomes (betweeen $20,000 and $50,000) spend an average of 55 percent of their income on housing (28 percent) and transportation (27 percent).”

Perhaps it’s the approach of homeownership-appropriate age that makes these seem to me like fascinating dispatches from a nearby yet utterly foreign country, but mostly it’s just an engagingly earnest blog that makes me feel a little better about the form.